Basílica de Guadalupe and Teotihuacán

Basílica de Guadalupe and Teotihuacán

Basílica and  Teotihuacán

Our tour begins with a panoramic tour in Tlatelolco, today the largest archaeological site in Mexico City that is part of the capital of the Aztec Empire. Here was the main market of that empire and here was consummated the conquest of the Aztecs. Right there is the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, where the pre-Hispanic, colonial and present world of Mexico are found.

We continue our trip to Teotihuacan, “City of the Gods”, located to the northeast of Mexico City. Once there, we will be able to meet a group of craftsmen specialized in the art of making images of obsidian, clay and semiprecious stones, as well as the handling of the maguey plant, its benefits, properties and derivatives.

In Teotihuacán, the guide will tell us about the history of this place, its mysteries, its development, its grandeur, its importance and its fall, then we will have the option for those who wish to climb the impressive temples and walk through the mystical avenue of the Dead.

The restaurant Mayahuel is our host with a beautiful view of the pyramid.

Afterwards, we will continue our journey towards the today popularly known as “The Villa”, the Basilica of Guadalupe, this is the most important religious building in all of Mexico and one of the most visited places in the Catholic world, which receives annually more than twenty million of pilgrims

The duration is 6 hours.

Tour of every day

Check out time is 9:00 a.m.

The Pickup is at the hotel.

It has a chair for Baby and Booster

This tour includes: Entrance ticket, Guide Driver, Water Bottle, Pick-up and Return, Food with a drink (not Buffet)

Tip not included

It is important that travelers in your reservation advise on the age of the children.

Remember that your tour is totally private

When you make your reservation, put your requirements.

Program Details

  • Sightseeing in Tlatelolco
  • Trip to Teotihuacan
  • The Mayahuel restaurant will be our host with a beautiful view of the pyramid.
  • Later we will continue the tour in “La Villa”

Departure time

– Check out time is 9:00 am


– The duration is 6 hours.

Place of Departure:

Mexico City. Pick up at the Hotel and back to the Hotel.